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Jay Bertsch Mixtape Footage

Saturday, April 23, 2011


This is a really dope video from Philly from back around the turn of the millennium. I was filming alot with a filmer by he name of Alex Muccilli who was a great filmer at the time and a really funny guy. This era was a great time and im stoked to have had a part in the video. I remember we had a dope premier at Sub Zero and i think we had one at Tattoo Moms too. If im not mistaken, i think Rich Adler and Gabe Bustamonte boxed at the premier and Rich destroyed him. Cheated features all the shredders of the day, many of whom are still killing it today. Im pretty sure Cheated was edited by Kevin Ritchie. Im glad Ortega posted his one up. I sitll have a master copy and have been thinking about posting it for ever but never did. Thanks Ortega. Word up.

CHEATED from andrew pry ortega on Vimeo.