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Monday, December 14, 2009

Here are some samples from some designs i have done.

This is my friend Gonzo.

Elusive Filmworks logo

Sacrifice Skateboards catalog

Concrete Media Group logo

Logo for Concrete, which was a small TV show that i was hired by to produce, film, edit, and direct.

Another logo for Concrete. I think this was used on some printed material, a media kit maybe.

Logo for the Concrete site

Some skateboard designs and layouts.

Two of my decks

Collaboration deck with Cro Mags and OutLook Skateboards.

Collaboration between The Darkness comic books and Outlook Skateboards.

Collaboration deck between Ice T and Body Count and Outlook Skateboards.

Wheel graphic for a collaboration between Outlook Skateboards and the punk rock band J.F.A.

The other side of the J.F.A. Wheel

Outlook Ad

Another OutLook Ad

Another OutLook deck.

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