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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Once again.....Some more random skate photos.

Wallride to fakie over near South St. It was freezing this day at i think it snow flurries were falling when we rolled up to this spot.
(JBO photo)

Frontside indy blaster at FDR.
(Sabrina Bertsch photo)

Frontside 180 fakie nosegrind on one of the sketchiest roll ups in west Philly.
(JBO photo)

Smith blur in a alleyway in Knoxville TN.
(Patrick McInerney photo)

My son Samson and I rolling around in the grass down in TN. I love you little man....
(Sabrina Bertsch photo)

Here is a little interview I had from the first issue of Focus Skate Mag.

This is an OutLook ad using a sequence that i previously put up on another post. It appeared in an older issue of Focus Skate Mag. Shit, the colors are blown out on this upload for some reason.

OutLook ad that i designed that never got used. Not sure why the colors got blow out when i uploaded. hmmmm.

Nocturnal Skateshop ad that i had when i skated for Noc.

Article from Focus Skate Mag about the rogue skatespot we had going under 95. That spot has been going for years with numerous people contributing over that time. Skaters built then the stuff gets destroyed by the city, the parking lot owners, random vagrants and neighbor hood troublemakers. This article is about when we took control of one of the incarnations of this fine Philly skateboarding tradition.