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Sunday, July 26, 2009

more photos

Nollie Tailslide in TN. (Casey Carter photo)

Another view of the Nollie Tailslide (Casey Carter photo)

Building the old bank to curd at front and tasker a couple of years back. (Gonzo photo)

Front Truck Grind in an abandoned elementary school in TN. (Patrick McInerney photo)

Laying the mesh on the bank. (Gonzo photo)

Ollie into skinny brick bank rolling out between two cinder block walls and between two closely parked cars into a busy street. (JBO photo)

Ezekiel's first skate photo. He was two. (Dada photo)

EZ's second skate photo (HaveBoard photo)

The Lion Of Judah

Boneless handplant thing on some random thing behind some building of things in some dirty little town in TN. (JBO photo)

Wallride in Old City (Mazur photo)

Wallride on a pillar in the dirty south. (JBO photo)

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