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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photos i found on my hard drive

Photos i found on my hard drive from various times.

Switch Kickflip (JBO Photo)

Another Switchflip (Mazur Photo)

At home when i lived in TN (Sabrina Bertsch Photo i think)

Method Air Transfer (Stunkard Photo)


Another OutLook Skateboards ad that i came up with that Vince never used.
(Stunkard Photo)

5-0 Fakie shot by my brother on his cellphone.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Lion And The Ghost

The Lion And The Ghost. This video stars Greg Lang and myself with guess appearances by Damon Shields and Gary Smith. This is the first in The Lion And The Ghost series. Chapter 2 coming at the end of the summer.

The Lion And The Ghost - Jay Bertsch and Greg Lang from Elusive Filmworks on Vimeo.


Ghostly Smith Grind on a TN loading dock.

Nocturnal Skateshop AD

OutLook Skateboards postcard design that never got released for when my Vanilla Dutch deck came out. Vince from OutLook told me he thought the photo was a joke and that he cant run an ad where i am skating a curb. I like the photo.

more photos

Nollie Tailslide in TN. (Casey Carter photo)

Another view of the Nollie Tailslide (Casey Carter photo)

Building the old bank to curd at front and tasker a couple of years back. (Gonzo photo)

Front Truck Grind in an abandoned elementary school in TN. (Patrick McInerney photo)

Laying the mesh on the bank. (Gonzo photo)

Ollie into skinny brick bank rolling out between two cinder block walls and between two closely parked cars into a busy street. (JBO photo)

Ezekiel's first skate photo. He was two. (Dada photo)

EZ's second skate photo (HaveBoard photo)

The Lion Of Judah

Boneless handplant thing on some random thing behind some building of things in some dirty little town in TN. (JBO photo)

Wallride in Old City (Mazur photo)

Wallride on a pillar in the dirty south. (JBO photo)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Some of my OutLook boards

Here is a couple of my OutLook decks.

Vanilla DutchMaster model

JFA font model

OutLook Skates video part 2007

This part is from early 2007 and was for OutLook Skateboards.

Random part from 2006 i think

Here is some random street skating thrown together. From 2006 maybe?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Some more random photos...

Ollie in West Philly (JBO Photo)

Nose Grind (Mazur Photo)

Ollie Wallride (JBO Photo)

Backside Nosegrind (JBO Photo)

5-0 (Zoltan Photo)

Wallride in TN (Patrick McInerney Photo)

Wallride in TN ( Patrick McInerney Photo)

Smith Grind in TN (Patrick McInerney Photo)

Smith Grind (Mazur Photo)

Some Random Photos...

Smith Grind in TN (Patrick mcInerney Photo)

I-Beam Pole Jam (Mazur Photo)

Switch Jam in Philly (Mazur Photo)

Ollie in TN Patrick (McInerney Photo)

Front Board (Mazur Photo)

Back Smith (Mazur Photo)

Backside 180 ollie (Mazur Photo)

50-50 (Mazur Photo)

5-0 in a tight spot ( Mazur Photo)